Brake Rotor Cross Reference Chart

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They seem to be selling off old overstock of discontinued items. Early style with cast shoes. Grease Seal Bushing and seal kit. Kinne Electric in Manchester NH. Bushing Kit Application Guide. Shoe retainer, anchor end. It is machined to balance, eliminating the need for welded balance weights. Not sure about clearance for the early trucks.


You will need to start the checkout process over again. Which Brake Pad Should I Buy? For general reference only. Lets share the info we have found. Brakes PART NUMBER BRAKE MFG. Look at your Caliper Part number. Wedge Brake Shoe Retainers. EBC Brakes are made in one of its two specialist factories in the UK and USA. AIR CHAMBER BOOT SEAL PART NUMBER CHAMBER TYPE OUTER DIAMETER PUSH ROD HOLE DIA. For drum brake rotor.


American standard numbering for brake parts.

Adjustment washers pin or welded into web style cast shoes. New Supply Crack Delivery Pc. Locknut Front steering axles. Rear drive coach or trailer axle. PLUGS PART NUMBER FLAP DIM. For bus applications only. Adjusting Pawls and Assemblies. Caution Be sure to follow the instruction sheet included in the kit when servicing. Be sure to tell them you require the Commercial application not the Military. Trademarks are used under license from Garrett Transportation I Inc. It is a little longer than the stock pump but is reported to work fine. RD and RS front brakes.


Brake Rotor Cross Reference Chart Sign in Google Accounts. Choose the parts that give you the best value for your business. Locked and Loaded with Options. Rattle Rod Front steering axles. ConMet Wheel End Aftermarket. MOOG SUSPENSION PART NUM. Utility slider box rail style. Our premium products offer exceptional quality for all the latest applications. Well, you will surely have to spent hundreds of dollars just to make it happen. INDEX Air Chambers and Related Parts Page Air Chamber Boot Retainer. On this model the swivel bolt is directly across from the tensioning bolt. This article will show you companies which will surely provide one. Press in boot for Meritor automatic slack adjusters. Spline Teeth A B C Dia. RDC and RSA brakes.


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Camshaft Support Bracket Retainer and Bushing Assemblies. Contact Ramco Engineering Co. The request is badly formed. LOOKING FOR BENDIX BRAKES? FRONT AXLE WASHERS PART NO. For Wagner front axle brake. Double web style brake shoe. It includes three backlit window switches, harness, terminals, plates, screws, etc. Services all Q brake sizes including Fruehauf, except those on front steering axles. Does anyone know for sure, yay or nay, if the Aimco rotors will work. Valve Port B C Mtg.


Create a split test with a given name, bucket the user. Also used for cast shoes. Service Parts Actuator Rods. Service A New Degrees Reman. SHOPPING FOR A DIFFERENT VEHICLE? Grease fitting for Meritor ASA. These pumps are easy to rebuild. The slack adjuster must be installed so the pawl can be removed during maintenance. Us and get full access to our newsletter the form below to reset your using. This due to reversed direction of rotation from V belt to serpentine belt. Check out this company brake pad cross references and other tools below. The button below, cross reference brake rotor. PFC Brakes used their mission to build their future. This guide will help.


INNER CAP NUTS FOR DUAL MOUNTED ALUMINUM WHEELS PART NO. Mercury, Olds, and Pontiacs. Outer Bushing Trailer axle. Return spring retainer bracket. Just do a search to find sellers. What were you looking for? Radius to fit tubular axles. To get a part number to show up on NAPAs site, you have to leave out the dashes. New level thickness and suzuki round and more us reach us on an ase certified. CLEVIS THREAD SIZE: This will correspond to the air chamber push rod. International are trademarks or registered trademarks of Navistar, Inc. Mogul Corporation Part Number or the cross reference for your equipment. Cookies related to site visits, browser types, etc.


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